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Zhenfeng(guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.
복합 전문 공급업체
주요 제품:섬유 프린터/승화 프린터/T 셔츠 프린터/에코 솔벤트 프린터/인쇄 잉크
Years in industry(10)Global export expertiseCooperated suppliers (240)Total floorspace (785㎡)
ZhenFeng(GUangZhou) Technology C.,Ltd.was founded in 2008, we provide digital printing machine, including textile printing machine, belt pigment printing machine, advertising printer, T-shirt printer. Our company has many skilled technicians, all of which have worked here for more than four years and accumulated lots of experience in customer service. In order to let the old and new customers get benefits from our products, our company constantly develop high-tech products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, making its own contribution to the development in printing machine area.